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Inspiration For My Book Strikes Back

As you all know, I want to write a book . . . and since Friday, inspiration striked back, and I have been busy again writing it, I guess when you feel you want to write, you got to get yourself on it and disregard all the rest for fear of loosing that glimpse of inspirational writing motivation. 

I started writing it 7 months ago, I am at 8000 words, I have edited 7000 words (need to edit like 3-4 times). . . I am aware that I still have a long way to go until next year-  challenge that I have imposed on myself to finish writing the book.

So my blog and my social medias would be a bit neglected for some times. Of course, I will continue visit and reading your blogs. I have lots of research to do, lots of reading to do.

So see you all, flying kisses.




24 thoughts on “Inspiration For My Book Strikes Back”

  1. Wow what an awesome achievement you have going on there. You are not just a great mother but also a great blogger so I know your book will be awesome 🙂 Head for it and let nothing stop you on your way up.

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  2. It’s good to know that someone else is also going to enjoy the pleasures of writing a book….someone with such a great blog…… My own book of poetry is currently going through the publishing process…..I’m 12 and it’s my first book….

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    1. Oh, thank you very much Aliyah, thats really inspirational to know that a youngster is inclined in becoming a author, you will surely be a great source of inspiration for many teenagers out there. All the best to you and to your book.♡

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  3. Way to go. I’m joyful for you! Continue writing and see this story through to end. Remember, you are the only one who can tell this story. There’s no pressure, just write what you feel. If you need any consul, I’ll definitely lend a hand. One author to another.

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