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Snatching Dreams-November Notes

Snatching Dreams (Inspired by the two songs Free Fallin’ & You Are A Memory for the November Notes Challenge)

Turbulence was caused while I fell hard from where I stood rooted beneath the sky . . . but now that I have forgot where to stand! the remembrance of the fall flashes and echoes to me, I remembered happiness and laughter and everything that had been stolen from me . . . and I set myself on the path of regaining my place beneath the sky by snatching bits by bits and pieces to pieces everything that has been extracted from me, so as to be free again beneath the sky.

I recently decided to participate in the writing challenge: November Notes hosted by areadingwritr & Sarah Doughty, I found the prompts really interesting as it has for main themes—songs.

If ever you are interested in participating in this challenge, here are the rules:

Write or post anything inspired by the song (the title, the lyrics, or either). No word count limit. It can also be a photo.
Please link back to this post so we can read it.😉
Use the hashtag #novembernotes.

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