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Things I’v Learned & Achieved On My 2016 WP Blog

At the start of this year, the goals that I wanted to achieve was to learn as much as I could on WordPress; to ameliorate my writing skills; and to become more acquainted to the terms and terminologies of the World Wide Web. I worked hard and many times I was on the limit of quitting everything—for I found it difficult, but I made it through, I have understood the basic of configuration and some little tricks that now facilitates my blogging experience.

I read and searched a lot, I subscribed to the blogging university courses, I tried as much as I could to write something everyday for the daily prompts—but above all, I wanted to learn everything by myself—from configuration to writing posts. At the beginning, my main idea was to have a blog so that I could show off my skills to employees that were recruiting—but since then, my mind changed a lot and found in myself the competency of  becoming an entrepreneur.

Though my blog is far from being perfect, I am proud of what I have been able to achieve on the course of this year, of course I still have so much more to learn and such a long way to go, but I have the ultimate belief that I would be able to come upon all of these challenges in a near future.

2017 will see a little change in my blogging habits, because I will be busy learning other things that will help me in setting up a little business, but as always I will keep in touch with all my blogging pals and stay committed to writing one article per week on my entrepreneurship adventure.

Through this process of learning and applying myself, I have also found a big change in my 2016 statistics:
lovelyricism stats till today.
some of the main countries that visits my blog.
Here are some of the things I have done and learned on my blog through the course of this year:

Changed my theme.

Learned everything in my customization board (The most difficult part to learn was 'the menu').

Understanding every terms and terminologies of the blogging world (now I understand what is the difference between a static page and a home page).

To understand my statistics.

Learning more about the 'reader' and how the 'stream' facilitates my blogging experience.

Set up the translator, so that people from other countries might translate my posts (especially my mother who is more acquainted with the French language).
Some random things I stopped doing so as to be able to stick to blogging:

Stop playing online games . . . *sigh*

Stop watching Television from my couch . . . *sigh*

Recently stop going through celebrity's social medias . . . *sigh*

Staying on my PC till very late and not going to bed early.

Sometimes my house chores were a bit neglected by my learning obsession (next year will see also a great change in my house chores timing).

And everything that I have written about have been achieved during these 7 months of intense & obsessive learning 🙂 I guess I have amply deserved some good holidays :-). This year I have been blogging blindly and without any self-discipline, because I was on the process of learning, but 2017 I will have to sort out how to discipline my blogging and social medias habit.

So as a matter of fact in 2017 I will half to split myself between blogging, finish my little book, the little business that I want to set up and of course my duties as a spouse and a mother, I will really be busy by next year and I am already starting to love it.









13 thoughts on “Things I’v Learned & Achieved On My 2016 WP Blog”

  1. Some nice pieces of self-reflection Christa. I have learned myself that the rewards from blogging come from hard work and discipline. But I also think that there is a need not to be too rigid sometimes as it blocks the creativity. Best of luck with your future aspirations.

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