Blogging-Solopreneur Quest, Mauritius

Back to Blogging University

Day One-Home

As time goes by, I realise more and more about the importance of posting your own pictures as a blogger. So, I have decided to suscribe to the course: Photography: developing your eye 1, given freely by WordPress-so as to improve my photography techniques. All the pictures that will be posted are taken from my android tablet-which is cool, because you can post on the go your pictures from the WordPress app.

For this first day, our theme is “Home,” the pictures below are the views that I see from my house.

Coconut tree
Our coconut tree, that hasn’t given any coconut yet!
Mango tree
Our mango tree, the only one that would be rejoicing are the bats.

4 thoughts on “Back to Blogging University”

    1. Thank you, my former classes were a good experience, this one will be a bit difficult because I don’t go much out of my comfort zone, I just hope that everyday I will be able to take a pic from my android device.


      1. So you know that you may be surprised by the results of venturing beyond your comfort zone. You know this. Try it. It’s just pictures. You don’t like them, delete the.
        As artists we grow by stretching ourselves. Enjoy the uncertainty of it, embrace it.

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