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Green lock, Reader & Mailing anxiety

I don’t understand why I am the only one around WordPress that doesn’t have a green lock on my search bar, this is causing some anxiety inside of my brain, I wish I knew what is the cause of this.

Should I address a ticket to the automatticians you think? Will my visitors be panicked as I am panicked when going on sites that don’t have a green lock? Am I too paranoid? At the start of my blogging adventure, I always had a green lock, and I felt secure, also I knew that the people visiting my blog were also secure–but now, I am having a lot of anxiety and afraid that I have done a bad manipulation and that.

And my heart skips everytime I read that someone elsw can change my page, and my anxiety climb to its maximim climax.

Also my new posts don’t appear in the reader and mails of new posts are not delivered!!

I don’t know anymore…..


10 thoughts on “Green lock, Reader & Mailing anxiety”

  1. 90% of viewers wouldn’t even notice it, those malicious enough to care more than likely have better websites to attack and it could be caused by a heap of different things but the most common thing is linked content.

    Unless you are selling something or keeping personal details etc it’s not even a concern, the data seen on these pages is easily swiped and copied with or withou a green lock. Even if someone did break your password and started posting as you, what do they achieve? Even bored script kiddies can get around a little green lock, on blogs it’s there for little more than a warm fuzzy feeling.

    The reader issue has nothing to do with the green lock. worry less write more

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  2. Hi Christa,
    Ether you have made some adjustment’s to your blog settings for I found your blog using the reader option, or its because I selected to follow your blog that it appeared there. Probably the latter, but ether way it would be good for your piece of mind if you checked your blog settings. Let me know how you get on, take care, Mick

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