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A Flying Kiss-November Notes

A Flying Kiss

Poetry written on the picture of moon

I recently decided to participate in the writing challenge: November Notes hosted by areadingwritr & Sarah Doughty, I found the prompts really interesting as it has for main themes—songs.

If ever you are interested in participating in this challenge, here are the rules:

Write or post anything inspired by the song (the title, the lyrics, or either). No word count limit. It can also be a photo.
Please link back to this post so we can read it.😉
Use the hashtag #novembernotes.


12 thoughts on “A Flying Kiss-November Notes”

    1. @Davy D, thank you very much, I took a picture of the super moon yesterday, but it was ugly, not terrific at all, I wrote this one yesterday afternoon, thinking of seeing that terrific moon, but it wasn’t really not at all that great. 🙂

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