2 years anniversary with WordPress
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My WP Anniversary-A Story Of Love & Healing Path

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

I celebrated my 2 years of blogging with WordPress.com this Saturday, and today I decided to write this post so as to share something that has helped me in my war against my late depression state. Without blogging and writing, perhaps I would have been into a bottomless pit that I would not have been able to climb back again, I am  sure that I would have sunk into a severe psychological state of mind where I would have been on a road of no return towards being a normal human being again.

Believe me or not—but through blogging I have found and develop new resolutions and goals that kept me focussing on something that was greater than the unhealthy state of mind that was the cause of so much anxiety, sadness, unhappiness, worriedness and anger that were germing inside of me, through blogging and writing I have aimed at developing some of my latent skills and thus my mind was set on learning everything on the blogosphere which would help me on my entrepreneurship trajectory.

Shifting my mind on learning to ameliorate my blogging, writing and some basic technological skills, as well as my written English language, I have found with WordPress more than a healing therapeutic therapy, I have discovered my goals and the key to the return of happiness in my life.

I am convinced that 2 years ago—on a sweet November 2014, I didn’t stumble on WordPress randomly—I believe that some of the circumstances that happen in your life are of a celestial order and that things somehow appears to us in even incidents.

As time goes by, we never know in which direction the wind will blow us, but if ever the gush of the wind carries me far away from WordPress, for sure my adventure around here will always remain one of my best memories, because I will remember how in doing something that I love, I have been able to heal my ached heart.

Though not everything is pink and great every time (I guess that in every relationships it’s like that, but that’s what make the lot not boring :-), I will try my best not to do my dramas queen, and being a little bit more cooler on things that might annoy me (Stay tuned on a new page where I will be declaring war to a genre of people).

Also, I am able to ‘LIKE’ and ‘comment’ again, after I had blocked “blocked third-party cookies in my google settings,” ^_^ so sorry I got carried away.

Next Monday I will make a list of all the things that I have learned on WordPress during these 7 months of learning. Happy blogging to all of you.




16 thoughts on “My WP Anniversary-A Story Of Love & Healing Path”

    1. @priyadarshini, thank you very much, it wasn’t at all easy, but little by little, day by day, I am sure you will find that something that will anchor all of these deepest frustrations, all the best to you. Lots of love.

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      1. If you learn to focus on the things that you want, and if you get rid of all the things or people that poison your peace of mind, you will be making a great path towards healing, all the best to you, I am still battling with some residues of this thing, but if ever you need to talk, I am here.

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