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The eradication of the like button on my blog posts :-)

The eradication of the like button on my blog posts 🙂

I have recently decided that I will remove the like button from my blog posts, because I need to have a honest-to-goodness insight on my incoming statistic from the outsiders of the WordPress community, in doing so, I am envisioning and focusing on the visitors that my blog might be gaining from my presence on all of my social medias platform. As an aspiring solo entrepreneur, this perception of the lot will help me so as to take the right decision about the next step that should be taken in my quest. It’s much more an experience to the thing than anything else.

My statistic shows that most of my referrers comes from my Reader and the, I am grateful for all the encouragement and motivations that I got though all the LIKES that I got on all of my lovelyricism blog posts, your LIKES have helped me a lot by motivating me to write something on my blog everyday—so, a big thank you to all the bloggers of WordPress for your beautiful solidarity and encouragement through all the LIKES that I got, also I will continue doing what I always do around wordpress, commenting and liking posts that I LOVE, it’s not like I am leaving all of you 🙂

I am aware that my blog will look like a desert island 🙂 with no faces of all my blogging pals down under my posts, but of course your comments are all welcomed. I am already missing all of these LIKES, my love for WordPress has not at all diminished, on the contrary it has never been more intense than before, I love you all and I hope that our bond will not be broken because of this little dissagreement 🙂 Happy blogging.

From me to you,




6 thoughts on “The eradication of the like button on my blog posts :-)”

  1. Well removing the like button really gives you the real number of people who actually reads your posts. There are those who would just flood the likes once your post appeared on their reader. This was really a nice idea. I might try it sometime in the future.

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  2. A brave move Christa. I think the like button is a double edged sword. On one hand it gives people who don’t normally like to comment a chance to show appreciation for your work. On the other it can be an instrument to feed the ego and sometimes detract from the quality of the work. It will be interesting to see how it works 🙂

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