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My written English language in the loop & 5 ways how I ameliorated my written skills.

My written English language in the loop & 5 ways how I ameliorated my written skills

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Lately, I have been battling to re-edit all of my older WordPress posts—which were in a big messy written language. When I went through all of these posts again, I literally died of shame  . . . (Laughing out loud), some of the paragraphs that I went through were not even written in comprehensive English! I had to correct all the language errors in almost all of my articles since the creation of my blog.

If I had no intention of going further in expanding my skills and turning my blog into a self-recruitment platform—then it would not have mattered if my written language or grammar was bad or not, and as a matter of fact I considered that it’s a must to have all of my blog posts free of some basic English grammatical error and being written in a comprehensive language—so that my blog articles can be a good reading experience for those who visits my blog.

At the beginning of my blogging adventure, I already knew that I would be using English as my main writing language for the articles on my blog (because at that time I thought that I would get well paid to work for a company that needed English fluent employees!). I quit practising English since the day I left school (Mauritius is a multilingual country, where we talk and write in  English (official) + French (administrative), Mauritian Creole (lingua franca), Bhojpuri (“Hindi”), Hakka, Tamil, Urdu, Marathi and Arabic). So, since the day I knew that I would be using English as my main written language for my blog and other writings, I have been trying every possible way that would help me in bettering my written English skills without getting bored.

Do you want to know what footsteps I have taken from the start of my blogging so as to help me in improving my English?

I have written some of the routes that I have taken towards the progression of my English writing skills. I hope that my experience of the thing might help some of you that intend in ameliorating their writings—and of course, other bloggers or experienced writers are welcomed in contributing their own experience to this article.

  • Read as much as possible, so that your written words might flow with great ease.
Even if you don’t have time to read one book per month, at least try to read online blogs or good articles that are linked to the purposes and goals that you are going after.
  • Reading aloud.
Reading  aloud while editing your articles will help you a lot in the detection of language and grammatical errors.
Writing every day a post for the daily prompt challenge hosted by WordPress has helped me a lot in the amelioration of my written English because every day you will be able to challenge yourself in writing something about the theme given—thus, doing so you are training your mind in the bettering of your written skills.
  • Write a lot, for it’s a great way of training your mind unto recognising the words that you are writing.
Writing something that you love, will also help you in ameliorating your written English, for day by day you will automatically get accustomed to the words used for this particular language.
  • Attend gaming platforms with integrated chatting program.
Perhaps some of you will be surprised or shocked at this given advice, but chatting will help you a lot in the practice of your written English due to the fact that you will have to respond quickly to the person with whom you were chatting with and thus help your language fluency while learning in a stress-free atmosphere.

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7 thoughts on “My written English language in the loop & 5 ways how I ameliorated my written skills.”

  1. It’s a lifelong endeavor, even for those of us for whom English is our native tongue. Writing perfectly in grammatical terms is a laudable goal, but writing perfectly is not always weiting well.

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      1. Certainly we should revise where we see our errors a glaringly apparent. That is part of the learning process too. Along with all the other things you listed. I just think it is like cooking, get 10 chefs making the same dish and they will have 10 different ideas of perfection. ☺

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