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I give up every time I feel too much difficulty, I feel crushed sometimes, I feel insane and unloved and hated sometimes, but it’s not all the times, there are things that push me far away from my sole path, I adrift and stumble and fall and hurt myself badly . . . sometimes. I could have tell you here a thousand stories of all that I have seen . . . of those that were practically dying inside of a sack of garbage . . . but you know sometimes there is an invisible power that talks in your ears and set your heart again on fire and sometimes it’s voice echoes so distinctively in your heart . . . that you have no other choice than to believe this little voice . . . you want to know what it tells me, come, I will show you ‘try a little bit harder, try a little bit more and sometimes when you want to give it up all, I will be right behind you because sometimes is a timeless road where you are only that someone.’



6 thoughts on “Sometimes”

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