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Ardent Patchwork-November Notes

A potpourri of some of the song theme for the November Notes writing Challenge. Thank you very much areadingwritr & Sarah Doughty for these wonderful & inspirational challenge, I had so much fun writing these notes all along the way. Ardent Patchwork The buses and trains (song by Bachelor girl) hovered on the water Took me under the grand esplanade… Continue reading Ardent Patchwork-November Notes

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest

Inspiration For My Book Strikes Back

As you all know, I want to write a book . . . and since Friday, inspiration striked back, and I have been busy again writing it, I guess when you feel you want to write, you got to get yourself on it and disregard all the rest for fear of loosing that glimpse of… Continue reading Inspiration For My Book Strikes Back

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Snatching Dreams-November Notes

Snatching Dreams (Inspired by the two songs Free Fallin' & You Are A Memory for the November Notes Challenge) Turbulence was caused while I fell hard from where I stood rooted beneath the sky . . . but now that I have forgot where to stand! the remembrance of the fall flashes and echoes to me,… Continue reading Snatching Dreams-November Notes

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The source

3 in one post: daily prompt, photography: 'water' and November Notes Challenge: 'recreation' An elicit love springing like water On a summer glitering moon Joyous hearts playing together happily Forgeting that the lovely bells Sings merrily for love as true as them.

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At The Gates

At The Gates (Inspired by the song Floodgates sung by Colbie Caillat for the November Notes Challenge) At the gates of the upper world . . . There was a battle raging with sounds of thunder and cries of a new born At the gates of the upper world . . . I stood unbroken with… Continue reading At The Gates


Street-Photography:developing your eye

Yesterday went to visit my mother and I took a picture of the road on our way home. It was raining a little bit yesterday afternoon.

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest

Things I’v Learned & Achieved On My 2016 WP Blog

At the start of this year, the goals that I wanted to achieve was to learn as much as I could on WordPress; to ameliorate my writing skills; and to become more acquainted to the terms and terminologies of the World Wide Web. I worked hard and many times I was on the limit of… Continue reading Things I’v Learned & Achieved On My 2016 WP Blog

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Back to Blogging University

Day One-Home As time goes by, I realise more and more about the importance of posting your own pictures as a blogger. So, I have decided to suscribe to the course: Photography: developing your eye 1, given freely by WordPress-so as to improve my photography techniques. All the pictures that will be posted are taken from my… Continue reading Back to Blogging University

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Love Power -November Notes

Love Power (Inspired by the song Pain Told Love by Tribe Society for the November Notes Challenge) Pain told love that it will destroy its heart                                 Love replied: "oh, come on pain, we both know who is the strongest here." Christa… Continue reading Love Power -November Notes

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V -Meaning

V (Inspired by the song Meaning-Gavin De Graw for the November Notes Challenge) The real meaning of it all That little shinning spark This infallibility in myself My stupidity A kind of loneliness Everything that doesn't make me a human Nothing that makes sense Chaos across the land Raging oceans ashore See, you will never ever… Continue reading V -Meaning