Moth on mouth
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Little Eerie Moth

(Have an eerie, strange and spooky Halloween)halloween-pumpkin

Little Eerie Moth

Eerie as these suburbian nights where I held you close near my warm up heart, but it doesn’t beat anymore my love! it’s cold as ice and rotten as a decaying meat. My ribcage became the house of thousands of beautiful moths dancing with their colorful wings over my decomposed body, I come again to life each time they spread their wings out of my carcass, am missing you in this emptiness . . . I am agonizing out of love, tender kiss and body to body efflorescence . . . am dying and disappearing each day while I watch you standing there . . . before a portrait of mine  . . . thinking that perhaps I might be somewhere . . . running away from you . . . invisible tears roll down these boneless cheeks, I am trying to open my mouth  . . . to tell you . . . MY LOVE, I AM DEAD

A moth flew over my lovers’ hands tonight and deposited a kiss on his mouth.




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