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How to keep up with the house cleanup season while working towards your entrepreneurship goals

How to keep up with the house cleanup season while working towards your entrepreneurship goals (based on what I have learned through experiencing this situation myself)

After the big cleaning up of my house where I was almost everyday equipped with my dustpan, broom, spray bottle, cloth and all that goes with starting a war with untidiness and messy rooms (I really can’t believe that we all literally live side by side with a colony of microbes), I am free again to pursue my online presence.

I think that all stay at home mother or housewives should be proud of being discerned the sole title of house managers—we wake up before everyone else in the house, we prepare the lunchbox of both our darling and children, we decide what to cook for lunch and dinner time, we maintain the house so that it doesn’t look messy, and so much more other routine tasks depends on the good running of our household.

We have to deal with an everyday routine that consists above all in fulfilling our main duty as a house manager.

And for many of us there comes a time in the year where we have our cleaning up season—where the windows are cleaned, our closet and cupboard are being uncluttered, and a war against accumulated clouds of dust in every corner of our house is being declared.

And then there are those housewives that are determined to embrace the career of becoming an online entrepreneur (which puts me in this category).

On this season of grand cleanup, aspiring housewives entrepreneur tends to get overwhelmed and tired by all these seemingly house chores. But our desire to create a little business of our own should not be compromised by the fact that all of our window panes should be shiny as a star—am I right here?

Of course, your health is prior to everything else, and if you are feeling very tired during these cleaning up season, you should probably think of stopping everything and take some rest.

My own tips and advice

So here are some tips for the ones that want to make it all shiny and bright while in between keeping your focus on growing your aspiring little busyness on the forefront.

  • While you are shining it all and taking out the old clothes, you might as well be logged in all your social medias as well as your blog, so as to be able to:
  1. Steal 15 minutes of your precious time so as to comment on at least one post.
  2. Respond to comments written on your posts.
  3. Like posts or pages that you find interesting.
  4. Share posts that you find useful or beautiful.
  5. Share your old posts.
  6. Reply to messages in your inbox.
  • Always have something to scribble on within range, because an idea can pop from nowhere while you are busy doing your house chores—the idea for writing this article stricken my brain while I was decluttering a messy storage.
  • If you know when your grand cleanup day is, then just schedule some post in advance on your social medias and blog site.

I wrote about some of the things that I have personally experienced while juggling between the big cleanup while being present online. If ever some of you have more interesting tips to add to this article, you are most welcome to share your experience on this matter.



8 thoughts on “How to keep up with the house cleanup season while working towards your entrepreneurship goals”

    1. @soulanceblog, well in my own experience, you clean the house today and 2-3 days after, it becomes all messy again 🙂 so, no matter how much house chores you will be doing, everytime it turns into a total mess again. Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Wow, can you come clean my place after? I have been managing motherhood and the house for 15+ years, not sure I’ve ever had a “season of cleaning”. I’m not always the tidiest- perhaps this was just the motivation I needed 😉 Although, in my defense, I do homeschool two teenagers and manage my own business too.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Well, not ALL house chores, haha! Just the tedious things that will not be too missed if they are skipped- like washing windows and perhaps I don’t dust as often as I should. 😉 But, with two teens, they do help, so this is a plus!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Every year in Mauritius there is a festivity where almost everyone goes through the deep cleaning of the house, I hope that my sons too will be soon grown ups and help me in doing some cleaning.

        Liked by 1 person

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