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Eerisome Fantasia halted, but what have I learned!

Sometimes it’s better to focus your direction towards something that matters the most. Christa

As you all know, I started out a mini gothic web series named Eerisome Fantasia-which I post every Monday afternoon, but as a matter of fact I have decided to postpone the series for reasons that I will be explaining to all of you in the writings below.

One of the main reasons for this decision implements the fact that I don’t have much time now for researching the web concerning paranormal subjects—because though I might be a great fan of horror, I discovered that many terms and terminologies that surrounded the horror or gothic genre lacked crucially from my own vocabulary thus finding myself in a state where I was wasting time searching online for hours about many phrases and expressions that were important in the creation of a new episodic post concerning Eerisome Fantasia.

Furthermore, when I started writing on the Eerisome Fantasia project, I was in a period of great doubt where I had no plan of what I wanted to achieve through my blog, but now that my accomplishing vision for my blog is more clearer, I discovered that Eerisome Fantasia is none of a pursuing purpose that need to be fulfilled for the moment being—but of course I am NOT abandoning this project, it’s just that am putting it off to a later time when I will be less taken in the spiral of creating more interesting contents that are much more valuable and beneficial for a specific audience.

When I began out writing this mini web series, I already had in my head a background of how I wanted the story to turn out, but every time I wrote an episode of Eerisome Fantasia—I discovered that the development of the story slightly drifted away from the main course of the thoughts that at the beginning of the creation of this writing mini web series—I felt stupefied and amazed at the same time.

It was a great challenge writing something that I could post once in a week, and I am sure that this was the starting point of recognition over the possibility that I could do more on this blog and I even come to realize the importance of scheduling posts—not only on WordPress, but also across all of my other social media platform, and many ideas have flourished in my brain since then.

What have I learned while writing my first small online series? And what can you do so as to not make the same mistakes as me.

It happened that I made many mistakes while writing this mini-series, but I am grateful that in such a short time I was able to learn from all these errors and missteps while having a great time.

So today I am happy to share some guidelines (which of course is from my own experience)  with all the aspiring writers that desire to write their first mini writing web series.

Before starting to write a mini web series:

  • Research in depth on the subject that you intend to write on.
  • Note down everything, it goes from the names of your characters, their appearance, roles attribution, titles.
  • If you ever want to insert pictures, search them in advance, and you even might get some inspiration on writing the next episode of your web writing series.
  • Write and edit the episodes of your mini web writing series 3 months in advance and schedule them—you save yourself from stressing out.
  • Try to keep the same length of words for all of your episodic writings.
  • Stay committed in writing a new episode on a specific day and time that you would have chosen.
  • Write happily and with great enthusiasm—as if you were part of your own story.
  • Write in the moment, edit later, reread and reedit, then later on read it again and refine for a last time.
  • If ever while writing the track of your story changes, keep going on that track that popped up from nowhere.

Here were some of the lessons I have learned from writing my own web mini-series, it would also be a great pleasure if this little list could be lengthened by writers who have more experience in this domain or by anyone who can contribute an extra writing tip to join to the list.

You are all welcomed.








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