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Internet caput!

Internet caput!

I guess that you have all noticed that I was not online for some days now—well, this is due to the fact that I had no internet since Wednesday—Ethernet; even my mobile date was dead! And it’s only on Saturday that my internet was on the way to go again.

All this was due to my internet wire line that was distorted! And they showed me how the cable that went into the main internet socket should remain so that this little misadventure doesn’t happen again.

Somehow I have learned something about things that should be avoided concerning my internet cable.

But while my internet was inaccessible and that this situation was starting to exceed my patience mode, I decided to write this blog post on Friday which doesn’t praise at all my internet provider.


Back on Saturday, when my internet was repaired, I decided to not post this content, but then I changed my mind (Yes I have a fickle mind :-).

So here is the post that I had formerly written—when I was totally annoyed with my internet provider. I had even titled the blog post: ‘Pissed off with my internet provider!’

On the same day I phoned to the internet provider so as to explain the issue I was dealing with, and it was said that in 3-4 days (like really! 4 days of not paying them should have also been billed) the technical team would take.

So—as it would take all these time to move their butt . . . I thought that I would use mobile data . . . but again! Guess what . . . though I had been charged, I was unable to use mobile data!  I thought to myself that all of this was not at all a normal situation that was going on here!

I talked to my surroundings about the issue I was facing with my internet provider was taking the time to deal with my internet problem, imagine how upset and disappointed I was when they told me that I should keep on phoning the internet provider every day so that they might take more rapid actions concerning the trouble am facing . . . said what! That am paying every month for my internet and that it was me that had to implore to these *! %%%%% so to have a better quality service!

I was even told that if someone phoned too much so as to tell them to hurry in dealing with their internet problems  . . . well  . . . the technical team made a point in delaying with their task over a longer period of time! That’s disgusting, shocking and a total lack of professionalism in the method of dealing competently with their customers.

I really don’t know if it’s the incapability, ineffectiveness or lack of employees that this company has to deal with! But I think that they should remediate on their customer service issue.

The real potential of a company to be renowned and to be great lies in the quality of service that they offer, and if you can’t offer good services, then better close your business.

I guess that when that internet provider was privatized, the service was better, because these people knew that they had to give their best, but when it was put in the public sector again—I guess that everything went out of hands and we are left with people who don’t do their work with enthusiasm and professionalism!

Now as someone who is trying to carve my way through entrepreneurship, well that’s really an encouraging issue for me!

So what should have been said to me on that phone when I called for my internet complications?
  • Mam could you wait for about 3-4 days for someone to contact you?
  • The reason for this big delay in time is that our technical team have more urgent works or other things.
  • If they are too much delaying in dealing with the issue that you are facing, please do complain about it.
. . . And much more could have been done so as to ameliorate a little bit that issue of offering a better service to the customers.

All I can write here and now is that all of this has really pissed me off!



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