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Tree went up the sky
With roots still piercing the soil
I always wondered if the tree leaves
Talked to me as it swung with the breeze
To and through
Singing a song
That stayed forever in my ears.

I have always loved trees


Congratulations on writing 200 posts on lovelyricism!

I made it till 200 posts, though it seems that I still have a long way to go—am really happy and proud of what I have been able to achieve on this blog, and again I want to thank all of you—because all of your comments have really motivated me in keeping up around here.

So I have decided before going further on posting on my blog that I wanted to look into my ancient posts so as to reedit them—because there are so many grammatical errors in them . . . for the coming days I will be working on these details and will be a bit irregular on posting.

Am still a little plant . . . but I do hope that I will become a blossoming tree very soon. So happy blogging to all of you.



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