World Tourism Day 2016

World Tourism Day 2016

We celebrated the World Tourism Day  on the 27th of September, and I have written this post so as to share with all of you some pictures that I have recently taken in the South of Mauritius. I must say that I have the chance of living on an island that is known for it’s beautiful landscape and enchanted escaping destination in the tourism world. We are cool friendly islanders living peacefully among different communities, always smiling and willing to give a hand where needed, what to say more, it’s our paradise.

The Theme for the World Tourism Day 2016

logo theme for world tourism day 2016

The theme for this year is ‘Tourism for all-Promoting universal accessibility.’ It’s important for all of us to have access to the tourism world, whether we are able to travel or not so as to learn about different cultures of the world and seeing things and placed that we have never been to.

And one of these free tools that we can have access to, is the World Wide Web. For instance the other day I went to visit the white house in Washington DC—All this from the comfort of my sofa, and I was really happy visiting virtually the inside of the White house. So I guess that more tourist web applications should be created, so as to give access to people that can’t travel.

Mauritius as a cinematographic destination

As I have formerly written, the island of Mauritius is known for it’s beautiful landscape which can also be used as interesting backgrounds for the cinema industry or for great shootings and videos clips. We have like 20 movies that have been shot in Mauritius, one famous Bollywood movie which was shot partly around here was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Something happens); a famous French film which had for title My Father The Hero (Mon père, ce héros) which was a entirely filmed on the island and a British film which was titled  Jane and the lost city.

So as a matter of fact I will write a little story on the pictures that I had taken in the South of the island of Mauritius, with backgrounds that can be used for a movie, for a shooting or for musical videos. I have titled it ‘Freedom.’

Freedom (short fiction with pictures)

cows in enclosure
The cows in their enclosure

On a fine Sunday afternoon me and Tom (Hardy) went on a little road trip to the south of the island of Mauritius called ‘Le Souffler’, which was named so due to the whistling sound it makes when the waves crash against the rocks. So me and  Tom went there, and we saw some cows that were inside of their enclosure.

As Tom hated to see animals being the prisoners of humans, he decided that we would set them free when the sun would have set.





Abandoned house in Mauritius
Abandoned houses on the property

But meanwhile we hidden away in a little house that was abandoned.

Little old house
Standing against
The time.



nature photography
The surroundings

We played and rolled ourselves in the bushes and the green grass that surrounded us.

The trees
Against the breeze.







The trail that bring us at the cliff of ‘le Souffleur’

As the day cloaked it’s  brightened dark clothes, me and Tom went to the enclosure, we walked all the way in the forest, all dressed in black, so as not to be seen.

The forest was
spilled in green.




The cliff




And we finally opened the enclosure, but as they were panicked, they ran to the cliff (well, though there was a protection barrier, they managed to cross it)







The beautiful view from the top of the cliff.


And finally they all committed a mass suicide by plunging into the roaring sea, letting us weep over our stupid action.


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