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In the woods of Abraxas (Prt 3)

Recap of Part two:

“Rufus,” cried out Fantasia, “you are inefficient against the entity, you won’t be able to harm her, she will absorb your energy in a matter of seconds—unless I absorb your energy so that we can gain supernatural strength and be able to fight her physically until the ritual of exorcism might be over.”

Hearing so, Rufus ran towards Fantasia and entered her body…

In the woods of Abraxas (Part 3) (999 words)

Ghost by Kitchiki on

Upon hearing those words and without any hesitation, Rufus ran as fast as he could upon his four legs; his ghostly spectrum jumped and passed into Fantasia’s body—which was a receptacle to ghosts. While being in receptacle mode, Fantasia would give her consent to non-malevolent spirits that needed to manifest themselves in the realm of the mortals so as to carry out a last deed.

When Fantasia was in the receptacle mode, she would acquire great superhuman strength, and it was the only thing that she could think about in enabling her to counter the great strength of Claudius mother which developed into an super-powerful entity for being  possessed by a legion of evil spirits.

Immediately after being possessed by the ghost of Rufus, Fantasia ran to Claudius mother and vaulted over her like a tiger so as to be able to stop her—but the daimon was too strong and too quick, with only one hand she flung Fantasia towards the trunk of a tree where she landed on her hands while she rapidly took over the situation and bounced back over the living corpse of Claudius mother.

This time Fantasia grabbed her arms and flung her on the ground, she climbed on her and yelled, “you evil spirits of the underworld, leave her body so that she might find peace, it’s not your vessel, so leave now.”

“Tasia!” cried out Bershka, “she is too strong, get away from her and return in the protection circle, you don’t have your protection talisman on you, you are unguarded from these evil entities that are hungry to take over your body.”

But it was too late, Fantasia already had the hands of Claudius mother around her neck while the spirits were entering her body through her mouth that was completely opened, the eyes of Fantasia became white; and her body cracked as if her bones had been misplaced—in her turn Fantasia was being possessed by the legions of  evil spirits that have lived all that time in the body of Claudius mother. She laughed loudly in a tone of voice that wasn’t hers.

Fantasia’s body turned to her parents and talked in a  rough voice, “Well well, what a sweet girl you have here, does she knows who she really is, we have tasted her and now we know who she is . . . the most wanted person in the realm of the underworld as well as in the realm of eternity, she could be our passport to the kingdom of heaven.” And she laughed so loudly that her voice echoed in all the village of Abraxas.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, Fantasia’s father jumped out of the protective circle and ran towards Fantasia with a talisman in his hands which he pressed against her forehead and said loudly, “you will never have my daughter, nor you nor the creatures of the light, now get out of her body you damning creatures, and stay imprisoned for the rest of your life.”

Bershka ran behind Vlaslow; and in her hand there was a jar inscribed with some occult symbols, and together they pronounced an incantation while joining hands, “sons of light and darkness, daughters of light and darkness, damning creatures walking the earth, we—their children, we the powerful, we seal you for eternity into the jar of noscape—so that you may never see the light again, you have chosen the dark, so in the dark will you stay for eternity.”

Saying so, all the evil spirits were being aspired inside the jar, and cries of total despair and total animosity could be heard, the jar of noscape was an occult talisman that had for power the sealing away of the evil spirits.

“Tasia wake up darling.” Said Vlaslow.

“What happened,” said Fantasia, “where is the entity and all the rest of them?”

“Don’t worry, we have sealed away the daimons, and everybody is safe and sound now.” Said Bershka.

Fantasia suddenly saw Claudius and her mother appearing before her, hands in hands with Rufus by their side, they waved back at Fantasia as they all disappeared into a white brightening vortex that aspired them all. Fantasia was so happy that tears rolled down all over her face.

“Now that it’s all over, let’s go back home.” Said Bershka.


“Is she asleep.” Asked Vlaslow.

“Yes, she was too tired. Vlaslow . . . what will we do now?  how will we be able to stop the future? I don’t want to lose her to the others, I don’t know anymore how to protect her.” Said Bershka as she collapsed in the arms of Vlaslow.

“When this day comes, I am sure that we will know how to save her, for the moment the only ones that knows about her real identity are the eternal prisoners of the noscape jar. We will continue moving and get stronger, our daughter too is getting more powerful day by day, and when humanity’s greatest threat should come upon us, we will all be ready, and we will fight until our last breath, we will not let them take her away.” Said Vlaslow, as he tightened his arms around Bershka.

“I agree but it’s way too dangerous for her to continue messing around the spirits of the dead, look at what happened today.”

“We must let her Bershka, we can’t go against her will to go to the spirits, let her, she is learning in becoming stronger day after day and her magic will become more powerful, don’t forget who she is . . . and all the power that is still dormant inside of her will soon or later be revealed.”

“I know Vlaslow, I know.”





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