Moth on mouth
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Little Eerie Moth

(Have an eerie, strange and spooky Halloween) Little Eerie Moth Eerie as these suburbian nights where I held you close near my warm up heart, but it doesn't beat anymore my love! it's cold as ice and rotten as a decaying meat. My ribcage became the house of thousands of beautiful moths dancing with their… Continue reading Little Eerie Moth

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Blogging-Solopreneur Quest

How to keep up with the house cleanup season while working towards your entrepreneurship goals

How to achieve your entrepreneurship goals while being crushed under your house cleanup season duties.

My Poems-Proses-Lyrics


Unjustice Broken by everything Bent in the hands of everyone My body bruised by this life I start to bow and die In the hands of brutal scavengers I bellow to them "Leave me alone" They replied to me "Witch your gonna die today" I looked up the broad sky And a storm gathered suddenly… Continue reading Unjustice

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The prose of an immigrant

The prose of an immigrant The freedom to spread my wings towards a land of freedom A chance to know the real meaning of living without fright Risking my life to escape violence, hatred and poverty. It was none of my intention to snatch the food out of the mouth of your children Am not… Continue reading The prose of an immigrant

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest

Eerisome Fantasia halted, but what have I learned!

Sometimes it's better to focus your direction towards something that matters the most. Christa As you all know, I started out a mini gothic web series named Eerisome Fantasia-which I post every Monday afternoon, but as a matter of fact I have decided to postpone the series for reasons that I will be explaining to… Continue reading Eerisome Fantasia halted, but what have I learned!


Escapade on another island

Sunday 17th October, the weather was fine and beautiful—sandwiches and all the necessary clothes in the bag so as to have a trip on another island in the sea called Island of Benitiers found in the south West of Mauritius. I took some pictures of the scenery of our little escapade and I thought that… Continue reading Escapade on another island

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Poor Billionaire

(A little rap lyric for you today) Poor Billionaire I used to think that the world was made of millions I used to praise the lord above to be rich I used to take a step towards a killing path But not until I broke my face Not until I was beaten to death by… Continue reading Poor Billionaire

Withering plant in a cage
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Caged and blue (Poetry)

Caged and blue Leave it to the angels without wings For they were acasted from tormenting My eternal unbeautiness turned into beasty Like the black swan roaring across the lake Remembering that once it was ugly and gold But what could bring me beauty now that all is lost Evasion of simplicity into bitter sweet… Continue reading Caged and blue (Poetry)

Girl sleeping on the grass

Going Ashtray

(image source) Going Ashtray I don't feel like writing poetry today For the poet inside of me is dead. But I feel like dreaming eternally For the life inside of me is awaken. I don't feel like singing my lyrics anymore For the birdy in me is asleep. But I feel like watching the sky… Continue reading Going Ashtray

Girls on halloween
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The darkness inside (Poetry)

(image source) The darkness inside I will be waiting Here inside of her Locked in a room of chains Amongst the nothingness Here I will be patient At play while no one's there Childish memories lingers One day I will come out again Unlocked from the chains she chained me For the world will be… Continue reading The darkness inside (Poetry)