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Not A Test But A Learning Path

Not A Test But A Learning Path

I have been reading the great book on the life of Bill Clinton—on which I will shortly write a review on, and I read a phrase in his biographic that has moved me, and it goes that way:

I had learned again that I could take a hit and that there's more than one way to stand against aggression.

Bill Clinton was referring to all the incidents that he had been through during his childhood days, and that no matter what, he has always managed to think plausibly before acting impulsively.

Testing people was never the duty of simple mortal men, it’s the duty of a higher power to innate in us life. Life is not a test, life is simply a learning path.

Life puts you inside torrents
Sheds violent waters on you
But life caters
Life invigorates
And above all
Life was never a test
Life is life
And that’s all.



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