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Lethal weapon

Lethal Weapon (#Flash Fiction)

“I disagree to all that you have said to me, I reject it all, you have cheated on me more than once and you have torn every corner of that little part that was still unstained by the virus of madness, it’s all your fault if am only a total mess, your just a commodore in creating dispatches of shattering lives.”

“So why are you still with me, if as you said am that bad, why are you hanging to my arms and telling me all that,” he said gently with a smirk smile on his face.

“You’re the most miserable man who I have ever met, and all of my existence I shall be damning myself for having given to you my heart.”

“The door is wide open dear, you may go whenever you want to, you are not my prisoner, it’s always the same story with you, I did this, I did that, it’s me that’s  . . . and all the blah blah again and again, you are sick and your sickness is sickening me.”

“I know I deserve better, but  . . .,” he kissed her passionately.

“This weapon of yours is lethal to my heart, I will die in ultimate foolishness.” She said, while kissing his hands.

Christa chn


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