My short stories

Panic On Board

Panic on board

“Lenny am afraid, I don’t want to die like that, not here! not now! we just got married, and . . .”, Melissa was not able to continue her phrase, and collapsed in the arms of Lenny, crying heavily.

“I know my love, all of this is just so unfair, I wanted so much to bring you to that little cabana on the Copaca beach so as to eat their delicious Zapata, while taking a selfie of both of us with the sun setting behind us and making all of our friends jealous of our magnificent honeymoon.”

They clung to each other as the cry of despair of the other passengers mingled with their own tears.

“Don’t panic, we are all going to survive this.” Said someone’s voice echoing from somewhere behind.

“We are Rose and Jack.” Smiled Lenny.

“And I love . . .”

It crashed and burned somewhere across the coast of the pacific and nobody was left alive.


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