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Generosity you said!

Generosity you said!

Generosity is something that emerge from the heart and kisses the cheeks of those that feel cold and miserable. I was raised by a mother who taught me since a very young age the importance of being generous towards those people who were needier than us, I must admit that sometimes I was totally annoyed by those people who always came knocking at our door so as to ask/beg (Never beg to someone, at least you don’t have any choice and if your ass is at risk) for something—while my mother alone had to move heaven and earth so as to make ends meet—but my mother would always take even that little piece we had and share it in half with those who were more deprived than us.

But though my mother has taught me the importance of generosity, it doesn’t mean that would go giving money to all the beggars that get on my way! girl dancing gigIt’s just that sometimes I don’t trust these people, sometimes they work out as a gang and have no hesitancy in using children in doing so; some beg to have easy money so as to drink or to take drugs; others because they are too lazy, perhaps I may seem like a heartless person here, but I know very well what am talking about, perhaps some of you might not know, but begging is a very lucrative business.



I only give money to people who collect money for social fund-raising, health matters, organisations, and if I was rich I would have loved helping those children that are abandoned or who lives in poor countries. But don’t expect me to give money to some random person! am sorry mom . . . but am not mother Theresa, a priest or any other saint 🙂

But as for being generous in giving love,hearts gif I give it abundantly and freely a million and a trillion times, well—that heart of mine is generous in love but not much on the dough 🙂


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