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Social Medias Matter Annoyance (Help)

Social Medias Matter Annoyance (Help)

Post Matter

Am writing this post so that I may have your opinion on a dilemma that am facing—which concerns my Facebook accounts. So if possible, I would like to have your opinion or a little bit of advice on  the possible actions that may be taken concerning this matter.

The matter of annoyance

So here is the little trouble that has been annoying me; I have two different Facebook accounts—the first Facebook account is for private use (that is; my online space where I interact with close family members, in laws and friends), and the second account; which is my online space dedicated to my amateurism practice (which in a near future I intend  changing into a professionalism income).

My main inconvenience over the matter above has for main principal agent the upload of my profile picture—the moment you upload your real physical appearance on any other other account that you possess (though it has been created through another mail account), Facebook automatically shows this account on the board ‘People you may know’— which pops up on the home page of the followers that am connected to on my private account.

I only want to post pictures of myself or to show my real face on any other Facebook accounts; without the disagreement of having my former accounts popping on the homepage of family members, in laws or friends. I know this sounds a bit silly, and that all this drama could have been avoided by simply changing all of my personal settings—but I don’t want to create a fake account, I just want to separate my private life with my future professional life—and so as to raise above amateurism, trust and transparency is the keyword if you want to break through online business matters and make a name as a professional.

Better understanding of the matter of annoyance

The reason why I have created a second Facebook account is mainly because I want to build my main Facebook gate that will link to this blog (as a road that is taken to attain your home). As I have previously written—I don’t want to mingle my professional private platform (In a near future) to the privacy of my everyday life.

When we tend to go to work everyday, our family and friends are not involved in this part of our life (at least if its a family business)—they don’t accompany us inside the building where we work; they are not aware about the files we are dealing with or work on; they don’t eat with us at working lunch hour (well mostly). While it’s our colleagues that are mainly involved in our working place; on the other hand its our close family members, in laws and close friends that are the main people concerned in the activities of the private aspect of our life—which comes to my final point of thinking that these two aspects of our life should also be separated on matters concerning our online working life.

The fact that I have two accounts does not evolve around the fact that I am a fake person, that can be the case of many other Facebook accounts out there, it has for main reason the fact that I don’t want my online working space (The place where I write and blog, the pictures that I share, etc) to merge with my private account (in laws and co) . . . sheesh why does Facebook can’t understand that!

The result of the matter of annoyance

I am what we can call a meticulous person, every details counts for me, before hopping a distance, I like to clarify everything so that I don’t get stuck somewhere along the way, and this little detail—that in reality isn’t a matter of great ordeal, is really affecting me in a way where I want to delete my Facebook account, because I don’t feel free in my ‘working space’, because I don’t want to feel like my ‘working space is being invaded by the privacy of my life, because I have put in my head that the working world cannot be mingled with the private life—else we would all have taken our whole family and friends to our place of work.

I know that perhaps am over dramatizing the whole damn thing, that is why am trying to get a more convenient opinion over this matter.

The matter of annoyance that I love

Though I have been bragging around the subject that has been annoying me, I haven’t said that I disliked Facebook, on the contrary its because I love using this social platform that I want to know what are the steps to be taken so that I might get through that little inconvenience (If really it’s one), because one day I really intend to have a blue tick download-1 by the side of my name (yes, I guess that I been like that because of that blue tick, sigh).



11 thoughts on “Social Medias Matter Annoyance (Help)”

  1. I agree FB is a pain the way it does this. I’ve been reading about a lot of poeple who have this same issue so you’re definitely not alone. It’s like their new ad system that over rides ad blockers and the like. Unfortunately there is little you can so about most of the changes FB make to their own system. The worst thing is how few people actually realise these changes take place.

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  2. I feel your pain, though I have no answers for you. Facebook in both bane and boon of a writer’s existence. A venue for sharing our souls albeit an intrusive one to the unique particularities of our shy side.

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