International Day Of Peace Poster with planet and dove
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Energy Of Peace And Love

Energy of peace and love

On this day of celebration of peace
My heart goes to the population of the earth
To all my brothers and sisters
Yes … you all
No matter the color of your skin
No matter your background
If what flows in your veins is the same as I …
Then it doesn’t matter.
A little scribble made with lots of love
From a simple heart and a simple mind
But said within a chest of treasure
I hope that the breeze will carry it away
Crossing all the oceans
And challenging all the threats
So that it may get to you … safe and sound
And when these words will find you
Wherever you might be
Upon the top of a hill …
In a boat fishing …
On a battlefield …
Crying upon your pillow …
Resting your tired body …
No matter where on earth you might be … or might be doing
I would only make a wish from me to you …
That you get dressed with diamonds of love
Shining more brightly than a trillion stars in the sky
Shooting rays of lights in the outer space
That even another race from another planet …
Might see our mighty gamma rays of love
Irradiating beyond the intergalactical galaxy
With us all in perfect unity and perfect harmony
Proud of what we are
A fierce race of humans inhabiting heaven
Standing together in all our glory
And beautiful in our ways of living and giving
So today lets shoot these rays of love accross the universe
let’s light up the cosmos with our peaceful energy
And let the glow of love strikes us again and again
Until we finally emerge from our cocoon …
And finding all of us changed in pure love energy.

Happy International Day Of Peace to all of you.

International Day Peace Poster
International Day Peace Poster

Today is the International Day Of Peace (please do read the beautiful message written on the United Nations website) and the day’s theme for 2016 is “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.”


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