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In the woods of Abraxas (Prt 2)


Fantasia suddenly felt a cold breath on the back of her neck; the unbearable smell of decayed animals and rotten flesh—The daimons were lurking at her with a threatening growling noise. Suddenly she catapulted against a tree where everything instantly blacked out…

In the woods of Abraxas (Part Two) (1062 words)

A cold breeze lightly shuffled it’s breath over the face of Fantasia, a feeling of great pain could be felt crawling inside of her bones; while she tried to open her eyes to the feeling that something damp and cold was licking all over her face—Fantasia finally opened her eyes broadly—but . . . there was no one to be seen. The forest had begun to alter its complete dark color to consent to the rise of a light tint of shade that was mainly shut out by the height of the gigantic trees that surrounded the wood of Abraxas.

Though her body has been violently propelled against a tree, Fantasia managed to get up. “Damn these evil spirits, all of my bones could have been broken! but . . . I guess that the stars in the sky looks upon me.” Fantasia thought while walking away in great pain.

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When she arrived at the old tombstone where Claudius was buried, Fantasia mumbled, “I will come back Claudius, I promise that I will free your mother from the demons that have been tormenting her, and that you shall both hands in hands join the Elysium of eternity.”


“Tasia! Where were you for god sake?’ Asked Bershka—the mother of Fantasia, “we started worrying when we didn’t saw you in your bed this morning, oh my! You look in great pain.”

“I was attacked by an evil entity . . . precisely—a legion of spirits that took over the body of an innocent women, and have possessed her till now.” 

“Oh my Tasia, how many times would we have to tell you not to venture where there are angry spirits, you’re putting your life at risk—you are still too young to encounter these angry ghosts alone Tasia, these kinds of spirits are the most dangerous of the realm of the dead, because they have stayed in the body of their host until death came upon her, and turned her into a daimon, a living zombie that has the possibility of physically hurting the living beings.”

“But if I don’t try to help them, who would? It’s the worst of all the punishment inflicted to a soul—the refusal of eternal sleep, and the constant continuation of feelings that inflicts sufferings.”

“Evil spirits are tricksters that have only one aim; to cause and inflict the more inner destruction that they can, they ran away from hell and can’t seem to find the way to go to the Elysium of eternity, they are angry and dangerous,” Said Bershka as she tried to heal Fantasia’s wounds.

“But . . . what if you and father helped me in practicing the ritual of exorcism that will help in freeing that woman from the evil spirits that are tormenting her—there is a little boy out there; waiting for her mother so that together they might join the Elysium of eternity. . . please say that you will help me mother!”

After some seconds of reflections, Bershka replied, “I will try my best in helping you Fantasia, but after that you should stop playing around the spiritual world, it’s too dangerous for you.”


Obscurity shattered its colors on the village of Abraxas, a thick fog cloaked the dark forest of a gloomy atmosphere. A Perfume of incense burning sticks mingling it’s aroma with the mist; floated in the air and created a mystical ambiance that was perfect in performing an exorcism.

Bershka and Vlaslow—the parents of Fantasia had already started performing the exorcism ritual that would set Claudius mother free from the evil spirits that possessed her mortal body. The ritual consisted of tracing a circle of salt all around them so as to protect themselves from the malevolent spirits that would definitely fight back so as to keep the body they possess; inside of the circle Fantasia and her parents chanted a form of incantation sung in an indistinguishable foreign language, increasingly as they all continued to chant the summoning of a protection spell, the sounds of voices screeching with terror could be heard coming  from the inside of the small cabin, suddenly the door of the old cabin creaked as it slowly opened—and in the blink of an eye . . . abruptly appeared in front of them all, a woman whose eyes was completely white; her body that seemed dried from all its fluids—same as a mummified body; naked; with almost no hair on her head and walking like a zombie.

Without delay she charged against the protective circle and found herself in great trouble when she collided against a wall of invisible force that propelled her far away; while she landed on her feet like a cat. She emitted a harsh cry; cracked the bones of her body; and charged again ferociously and with great anger towards the protection wall.



The entity stopped and looked towards Claudius, in an instant flash—the eyes of the daimon gained her human properties while she stared at Claudius, but soon the animosity of the evil spirits that possessed her regained control and in a matter of time she was running dangerously towards Claudius.

“Claudius,” Fantasia yelled, “run as fast as you can, run Claudius.”

Fantasia stepped out of the protection circle and tried to run as fast as she could to Claudius, then suddenly out of nowhere, Rufus appeared by the side of Claudius, barking fiercely against the entity that was very near to them by now.

“Rufus,” cried out Fantasia, “you are inefficient against the entity, you won’t be able to harm her, she will absorb your energy in a matter of seconds—unless I absorb your energy so that we can gain supernatural strength and be able to fight her physically until the ritual of exorcism might be over.”

Hearing so, Rufus ran towards Fantasia and entered her body…

(Part three of Eerisome Fantasia series will be posted next Monday, until then have a beautiful bloody Monday…Christa)




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      1. I’ve googled it, and it seems very interesting. Thank you. For the name, its just that i have read so much book or watched so much movies on mysticism, that these names pops randomly in my head.

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