Girl sitting in the moon

The hand I take

The hand I take

Fragile as the petal of a flower
Blue as the light color of the sky
Deep as the core of thee earth
Such that some are made of
Of deepening loving hearts

Fragile as glass
Our heart of glass
Break …  it breaks
Mended it is by our own hands

Fragile is thy wings
Ripped off from thy shoulders
Bloody tears from lamentations
And they can’t see your tears

Fragile as you are
Let me take you in my arms
So that our lacrima might mingle
And fragile we won’t be anymore.


(image source)

Though sometimes we might find ourselves in the depth of despair and misery, though we can be more broken than any other creatures, though people will tend to take advantage of your fragility, remember that nothing lasts forever and remember to take care of yourself, because nobody else will. 


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