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In the woods of Abraxas (Prt 1)

In the woods of Abraxas (Part 1) (990 words)

haunted forest in the mist
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On their way to the next city, Fantasia’s parents halted at the border of a woodland which was situated in a little village named Abraxas. There—in the woods that surrounded the village, emanated a fogging mystical atmosphere—awakening Fantasia’s natural intuitive sensor of the spirits of the dead.

The night was so foggy and dark—that even the figures of the gigantic trees of the woods of Abraxas were erased by the dark colour of the night. A torch in her hand and an extent of fiery feelings in her heart, Fantasia entered the shadowy woods and walked into the mystical unknown in the search of ghosts that might be haunting this place—suddenly Fantasia remained still—upon seemingly hearing the sound of an indistinct resonance of a boy crying; which stopped as soon as Fantasia stopped walking.

‘Perhaps,’ murmured Fantasia, ‘it’s just the crackling of the leaves or the sound of an injured animal.’

While advancing further in the woods of Abraxas, the sound of a weeping child echoing through the gloomy night could be heard again. As Fantasia went deeper and deeper in the woods, the more distinct and clearer the childish voice weeping through the night strengthened. At long last, Fantasia finally came across a little boy curled up in a little corner of what seemed to be an old grave stone—with his face stuffed in his arms and weeping heavily.

‘Hey little boy,’ asked Fantasia, ‘tell me, why are you crying?’

The little crying boy didn’t replied, but he stopped crying when he heard the voice of Fantasia talking to him, then—as if nothing really happened, the little boy continued shedding tears. Fantasia approached a little bit nearer the little boy, with the lights of her torch ailing his face, whom impulsively jumped and hissed like an endangered cat at Fantasia, then swiftly ran away before disappearing in the woods.

  Approaching the abandoned gravestone, Fantasia could read the latter inscriptions:
‘There lays among the magical creatures of the wood,
My beloved son Claudius,
May he be protected and loved as he had been in the mortal world.

 After having read the words that has been written on the old grave, Fantasia’s determination to talk to the little boy who seemingly haunted the woods of Abraxas strengthened and Fantasia wilfully continued advancing until she came across the little weeping boy once more.

‘Claudius,’ Fantasia gently said, with the little boy looking up at her this time—his eyes were lighted up like the shining eyes of a dog at night. “Claudius is your name, isn’t that so? My name is Fantasia, I am able to connect with the world of the spirits, I would like to know what happened to you and why are you still haunting this land even after all these years you died, and what is holding you to the realm of the mortals when you should be in the immortal world?”

Claudius little fingers pointed towards a direction while he still held his gaze on Fantasia, he had already stopped crying and said, ‘Rufus always stop me from going back home—that’s why, he is always chasing me away from mother.’

‘And who is Rufus?’ Asked Fantasia, ‘Is your home far away? Show me your home Claudius—so that I might help you.’


Claudius showed the way to Fantasia and finally reached a small wooden cabin which was in an abandoning state, but as soon as both approached the cabin, an aggressive dog that came out of nowhere started barking and growling at Fantasia and Claudius.

‘Rufus will never let me return to my mother,’ yelled Claudius as he ran away crying.

Fantasia was not at all impressed or afraid of the canine race that was barking aggressively—but instead Fantasia stepped nearer to the dog and tried to caress it’s head, Fantasia knew that Rufus had no intent of hurting her—for Fantasia felt the energy of a trustworthy ghostly entity that emanated from Rufus—whom immediately turned out to be a very playful dog.

Then suddenly while Rufus was licking the face of Fantasia, she entered into a brutal state of trance, that propelled her in seeing through the eyes of Rufus that was recollecting some flashing memories from the past.



In the middle of a room, an old priest can be seen standing by the side of a woman who is crying over the dead body of a little boy.

Am watching the woman and feelings of compassion overwhelms me, am sad that I can’t comfort her, but I step back, there is something evil in her eyes—since she found the body of her dead son, in her great despair and inadvertence, she has unfortunately permitted to all the evil entities that were straying in the village of Abraxas to possess her mortal body.

Claudius comes every day and gazes from the depths of the wood—waiting for her mother to join him, so that together they might join the realm of the immortals.

But his mother had turned into an entity that was forcefully inhabited by malevolent ghouls.

I have to protect Claudius from these evil spirits that have the ability of infecting and corrupting his innocent spirit and turning him into a daimon, thus exempting Claudius from the realm of the immortal world while he will continue haunting a place that is no more his home, that is why every time he approaches, I will scare him away.


Fantasia suddenly felt a cold breath on the back of her neck; the unbearable smell of decayed animals and rotten flesh—The daimons were lurking at her with a threatening growling noise. Suddenly she catapulted against a tree where everything instantly blacked out…


(Part two of Eerisome Fantasia series will be posted next Monday, until then have a beautiful bloody Monday)


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