Man making nightmares

Dirty Thoughts

There in the darkened room
The sheets still on me
A perfume of your midnight poison Elixir
Instilled through my nose
Am numb and dried
The zinger and cola drink
With the mark of your lipstick
Your hair still
dwelling on the pillow
The blood pouring again in my veins
I haven’t had enough of you
All I could do
Is dream away that you were still in my arms.




9 thoughts on “Dirty Thoughts”

    1. That is, he was with her lover or fiancee or wife or whatever, and they made love in this bed, and after she is gone, he still desires her, and that’s when he thinks about her that the blood rushes in his male organ (So as not to say that word in a raw manner, I have written it in a metaphor).

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