summer lake
My short stories

The Goodbye Picnic

The Goodbye Picnic

In the little park by the lake of twosomes; there we sat on a wooden stool that seemed to have been cut and polished through a big rooted tree, it was our favorite place, we even have our names carved on the small wooden table that was in the middle. The day was fine— not too sunny and not too windy; perfect so as to take a slight natural intake of vitamin D.

The basket that I had so lovingly prepared for our picnic was garnished with sandwiches stuffed with cheddar cheese; mayonnaise and chicken ham—my favorite, and for you it was sandwiches stuffed with a chicken salad—your favorite, I also prepared a bottle of sangria so as to sweeten up our picnic and also made a fruit salad.

The evening sun always reflected over the water and personified the lake into a silver fish moving over the water, our picnic in the park was always filled with laughter and joy, nothing else could break into the hours of us being together, these moments were fixed in the eternal timeline and will always remain in my heart.

Today I was all alone in the twosomes park—without you, with my basket full of your favorite picnic provisions; watching all the other couples; still at the beginning of their love romance. I don’t see the silver fish moving anymore over the lake, without you; there is no laughter and no joy.

The evening is over, it’s time to go home—but before going, I take out the funerary urn of your ashing body; I open it; put your favorite sandwich, some fruit salad and the sangria, I shake it well and at last threw it all in the lake—just like you told me. There was a little bit of sangria left, so I tossed to you in your afterlife and returned back to our home.



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