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Simplicity in elegance

Elegance through simplicity

Personally elegance is something that fascinates me, whether it’s in a man or a woman. Here am not talking about styling up in a Gucci suit or anything that are too costly for some people, but am talking about sophistication and elegance through simplicity. You might show up to the most rocking party of the year, while being dressed in the most cheapest and simple dress in town; but still have manage to know how to make a difference with a wonderful accessorizing; that will accentuate your outfit and make you look as the most elegant person in the room.

As we tend to say everything is balance, you can’t go swinging out with a Gucci dress on, carrying a Fendi bag, walking in Jimmy Choo shoes, with loads of bling bling from Tiffany’s, and don’t we forget the face that looks like a painting canvas, and finally your hair being combed as if you were attending a wedding ceremony and expect to look elegant. Now taste and colors are not the same and there is no arguing about matters of taste. It’s just my thoughts concerning elegance for the f type.

Men behaviors=elegance=charming=irresistible

Now concerning elegance for these gentlemen; it’s another kind of thing, to me, elegance in a man is found in their manners, their modus operandi, their act of behaviors—mainly in regards to the womankind. That’s what makes an overly irresistible and charming man above all the rest.

I will give you a fundamental thing that to me makes all the difference in simple elegance in the masculine world; and it’s the handkerchief—never go on a date without a handkerchief gentlemen. I think it’s cuteness overload and so charming when a man offers an handkerchief to her dulcinea so as to dry her hands, or perhaps why not gently wipe her mouth after eating something (but just not forget to precise to her that you haven’t snuffed in the handkerchief). There is also a simple watch, that can make an onerous difference in masculine elegance.

It’s simple things that makes the rudiment of  elegance, so path your way in introducing your own elegance to the world.

Also as a matter of fact, it’s my own point of view on what I find elegant in a man, but I have always wondered what do you gentlemen find elegant in the womankind.


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