Hop And Plop And Shoop

Hop And Plop And Shoop

Grasshopper hoping on the water
Looking for insects to feed on
Hop and plop and shoop it goes on the water.

Little Tadpole swimming in the water
Waiting to grow strong and fierce
Ramp and poop and bloop it wriggles in the water.

Big crocodile walking by the water
Longing to eat my leg
Glup and loop and shwep I run by the water.


Today’s writing prompt made me laugh really hard—as I didn’t understood what was meant by plop, I googled the word, and I fell on this description  of the word, and I went into an hysterical laughter, now every time am gonna go to the toilet, the sound of the plop thing will make me laugh hard…laughing out really really hard.


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