A Potent Bond

 A Potent Bond (Short Story of 1309 words)

Behind the hill of Breslow, existed a castle that was reputed to be haunted, Fantasia overheard people talking about the horrible screams of women that could he heard in the still and motionless night, there in the peculiar darkness—echoed slashing screeches that sent shivers down their spine. Fantasia wanted to know more about the eerie story that surrounded the castle behind the hill of Breslow.

    Upon her arrival to the haunted castle, Fantasia was bewildered at the sight of the castle of Breslow surroundings, that astonishingly didn’t had the appearance of a haunted place—no spirits was detected around, nor the harsh cries of the scarecrows that troubled sinister places, Fantasia’s intuitive senses always triggered the instant she would approach a haunted place, she would instantly feel the spirits that lived around or inside the building—but here, she sensed nothing.

    Though she felt no spectre activities, she was strangely attracted by a magnetic field that enticed her in continuing looking for what she came for—She suddenly realise that all of these motions emanated from the inside of the castle—while approaching the main entry door of the castle of Breslow, Fantasia felt an arising tumult growing in her heart; with each step that she made to reach the door entry; up until she was struck with a violent seizure.


“My love, I hope that this castle will always bring joy to our heart and that very soon, our garden will be filled with the laughter of our children.” Said the count Breslow to her newly wedded wife, Sophia.

    “Yes my good lord.” Replied shyly Sophia.

    “And as for your lady companion, she will have a big bedroom just beside yours. Like this you will not feel too lonely being so far of your family.” Said count Breslow pleasantly.

    Juliette was the companion and friend of Sophia—Sophia’s parents discovered Juliet in a deserted street, abandoned, hungry, frozen and dressed partly, Juliet never narrated her sad tale to anyone —and from that day onward, Juliet was being treated as a member of Sophia’s family and as a matter of fact brought Juliet and Sophia very close to each other.

    As the days went by, the sight of count Breslow and Sophia being happy together became more and more unbearable to Juliet—from being a joyful girl that was always smiling she changed into an apathetic person that started talking dreadfully in front of the lovable couples.


Juliet was being consumed by the dark clouds of jealousy—a poison that devastated her heart, every time she encountered the loving gaze of the count of Breslow on Sophia, nothing seemed to appease these devastating and irrepressible feelings.

    One day, when everyone was asleep in the house, madness overcame Juliet’s mind as she immersed nakedly in the bed of count Breslow—as the heart of a man is fragile and weak to the charms of an alluring body, the count enraptured under the seduction of Juliet.

    The day after this ghastly beguilement, and all the days after that, the count attitude towards Sophia changed completely and abruptly—due to remorse and pain that he felt whenever he entered a room where Sophia and Juliet were—feeding the folly of Juliet of the joy of seeing the whole wretchedness that Sophia was enduring.


Even though everything had changed between Sophia and the count, Juliet continued nurturing the jealousy that started in her heart—this time she wanted everything, she wanted to be the only mistress of the castle of Breslow, and in a bitter phase of madness, Juliet decided to kill Sophia.  

    Night came, slumbering lunatic thoughts crippled inside the head of Juliet, insane notions of tearing the flesh of Sophia and shedding her blood everywhere in the room consumed Juliet being, she approached silently, like a snake slithering in the night—ready to tumble on her prey, so as to take away the sacred life of her dear friend, the reason for her torment was right in front of her eyes, sleeping peacefully and perhaps dreaming of eternity, the cause of her rooted insatiable pain would in a matter of time free her from the hell of her torments. But Juliet’s eyes met the face of an angel in disguise.


    “Will you always be there for me Sophia? Everybody else abandoned me, if it wasn’t for the pity of your family for me, I would have died like an animal in that corner of the little road all alone, tell me Sophia, you will never abandon me, will you?”

    “I will never let you down Juliet, we will always be together, no matter where I go, you will always be with me.” Said little Sophia, holding Juliet tightly in their bed.


    “Juliet, what are you doing in my room, in the middle of the night?” Asked Sophia.

    “You said that you will never abandon me Sophia.” Said Juliet with tears rolling down her cheeks.

    “What are you talking about Juliet, you are here with me, we are together, how can you say that?” Said Sophia aghast.

    “But you got married, you abandoned me, and loved a man with whom you are ready to create a family, you were everything to me, and yet you abandoned me, when you had promised that we will always be together.” Screamed Juliet.

    “Juliet, what are you saying? You are scaring me, and what’s that knife doing in your hands?” Said Sophia with panic in her voice.

    As if recovering from a sense of hypnotic maddening trance, Juliet tumbled on the bed, clasped Sophia tightly and whispered, “I never meant to hurt you, I just wanted to not feel abandoned again, Sophia, I hope you forgive me, I don’t know why am hurting so much, my heart is in such a pain, all I ever wanted was for this unbearable heartache to end.”

    Saying so, Juliet stabbed the knife in her own heart and died in the hands of Sophia.


When Fantasia finally reverted from her trance, she saw two ghostly figures inside of the castle that seemed to be sipping tea, while talking and laughing noisily, without any disturbance concerning their ghostly state—worst, it was as if they weren’t even aware that they were dead.

    Suddenly, dashing out of nowhere, the ghost of a man appeared by the side of Fantasia and said, “After the death of Juliet we moved on to another house, but when Sophia arrived at the dawn of her life, she expressed the wish to die at Breslow, and here, at last, Sophia and Juliet were being reunited in the spirit world, I have tried so many times to convince Sophia to join the light, because earth was not anymore her place, but all of my pleading remained in vain, as if they didn’t heard or noticed anything, they live in their own immortal world.” The ghostly man said.

    “And I suppose that you are count Breslow, now I understand everything, sometimes in rare issues when a person that dies with a great feeling of loneliness in a place predominantly involved with excessive  emotions, a strange connotation happens in that habitation—the place involved becomes a ghostly shelter to the spirits that died among its walls, protecting and creating a ghostly Utopian world for the spectre that died, as such allowing the ghosts to live their life again with the person for whom they yearned for—and nor you, nor me can do anything against that supernatural activity count Breslow.” Fantasia alleged sadly.

    “So there is no way of interacting with my Sophia so as to convince her to come with me into the light?” Asked the ghost of the count Breslow.

    “No count, there is no spell that is enough strong to untie this supernatural fulfillment.” Said Fantasia.

    “So Juliet has triumphed in the world of the dead.” Said the count, before disappearing.

So rendezvous next monday for another Eerisome Fantasia ghostly adventures.






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