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A Remembrance

A Remembrance (#Prose)

Sitting under the balcony, I was subjected to the intense reality that all the memoirs that I had acquired about all these long lost days of me being with you dispelled in the air, same as the ashes that goes up after the intense burning of the branches, around the gathering of some fore-lone hearts destined to be as contrasted as the grains of the beaches.

Sitting under the willow tree that danced carelessly upon the breeze, listening to the ‘Dolce Vita’, our song, a song that carried us far ahead, yes very far from the mortal world, it carried us 100 years back, where on a sidewalk, we fell in love with each other, lonely us among a crowd, touchy eyes gazing each other lovingly.

Sitting under a night full of stars, the beating of your heart against mine can still be felt, lonesome as I am on that sweet summer night, my remembrance flies all away to you and I find myself alone, with you by my side.


When I saw the theme for the prompt today, I immediately thought of the song ‘Dolce Vita’, sung by Ryan Paris, and was inspired to write this little prose.


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