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Not A Test But A Learning Path

Not A Test But A Learning Path I have been reading the great book on the life of Bill Clinton—on which I will shortly write a review on, and I read a phrase in his biographic that has moved me, and it goes that way: I had learned again that I could take a hit… Continue reading Not A Test But A Learning Path

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Amidst it all

Amidst it all  Hold my hands and never let go Along the mist of this strange life We are going to burst the clouds There is no certainties in this fortitude I kept all the goals afloat An anchor beneath the sea of mist A reteach of the underlines Just hold my hands and never… Continue reading Amidst it all

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A sketch

A sketch It kept sketching away these little colors That painted my life with vivid colors Of white and dark and colorful All the paintings dissolved In the blueish water And I was left colorless. Christa. (Image source)

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Lethal weapon

Lethal Weapon (#Flash Fiction) "I disagree to all that you have said to me, I reject it all, you have cheated on me more than once and you have torn every corner of that little part that was still unstained by the virus of madness, it's all your fault if am only a total mess,… Continue reading Lethal weapon

Colorful abstract painting


Infestion As a new dawn reaches out on my life I find the strength to conquer my own heart Infested with bits and pieces of a war That wasn't for what I was. Christa. (Image source)

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Cracked I feel cracked opened by the slashing knives of life It keeps on tearing my soul and my meat I wanna be mend Forever. Christa (Image source)

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Panic On Board

Panic on board "Lenny am afraid, I don't want to die like that, not here! not now! we just got married, and . . .", Melissa was not able to continue her phrase, and collapsed in the arms of Lenny, crying heavily. "I know my love, all of this is just so unfair, I wanted… Continue reading Panic On Board