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Tell me my little pretty
Have you seen a minuscule fairy
Flying up over the hilly
And spreading her wings so heart fully
While singing with a heart of merry
Tell me little girl
Have you seen the merry jolly fairy
Flying joyously over the top of the hill.


According to a folktale from christian of the Western Highlands of Scotland, at the creation of the world, God made many beings before mankind, some of them like the angels who followed Lucifer, wanted to make their own abode and burst out of heaven leaving the gates ajar. The rush of their going caused many other beings to be sucked out of heaven. God became aware of what was happening and pronounced, “Let those who are out stay out, and those who are in stay in,” and sealed the gates once more. All the rebellious angels made their home in hell, but the beings who had been involuntarily locked out had to remain on Earth and became the fairies. (excerpt from the encyclopedia written by the Mathews) 


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