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Captivity #microfiction #fiction

Captivity (short fiction of 811 words)

“Where are you my damsel? are you out there? it’s getting cold and you’re gonna die of coldness in this freezing night, show me your little angelic face, why are you afraid of me, have I not always show you all the love I felt for you, haven’t I sustained you when you needed support, tell me haven’t I? Now all this is taking an absurd turnout, now come out of your hideaway, am starting loosing patience, and the blood that run in my veins is starting to accumulate at the boiling point.” Said the man with the carbine.

He was grinning horribly and eagerness to find me reflected on his face.

I was hiding in a bush—not far from his little house, I was praying deeply that the leaves of the bush won’t cackle under the weight of my body, I had to cover my own mouth so as to stop myself from screaming aloud, I was shaking and afraid of jeopardizing myself by suddenly letting a harsh cry. If I would have continued running, he would have caught me soon or later, so I jumped in the first thick bush that I saw, but I guess it was a very bad idea for I was on his hunting area, he suddenly stopped near my hiding place—by the smile on his face, I understood that he knew that I was hiding behind these bushes. He was lurking behind a big tree and cackled loudly while saying, “Your just another little prey, that I will be happy playing with.”

I was petrified with horror and fear.

I didn’t escape from the cave of his house where I was being abducted so as to finish like that, I didn’t want to die, I only wanted to return to my home. My survival instincts and a wave of atrocities took over me, My brain kept flashing like in a movie teaser.

-I found a big rock beside of me.
-I heard his steps.
-I laid on my stomach with the big rock under me.
-I felt his filthy breath on my face.
-I remained insensate.
-His disgusting hands were becoming more and more obscene.
-Though I wanted to scream and cry, I remained still.
-It was now the perfect moment.
-He was trying to return my body.
-I hit him in his face with all the strength that was left inside of me with the rock.
-He yelled and held his face, he was hurting.
-I pushed him aside, and climbed on him.
-I became a fury and hit him on his face until he became unrecognizable.
-My hands were covered with blood.
-I came out of the bush and ran as fast as I could.
-I fell many times, but I got up back again quickly for I craved of getting out of these woods so as to be able to reach the main road.
-I kept running but was getting nowhere.
-I remembered being drug when he abducted me from my house, I saw nothing of the surroundings.
-I was kept in a soundless room.
-I tried to keep track with life and time spent there by writing the number of days on the wall.
-But I stopped after my 50th day, I was too depressed and shocked to continue.
-Since then I don’t know many days have elapsed since I have been locked in that room.
-But that bastard forgot to verify the clasp of the door, and this is how I was able to runaway.

Now all I wanted was to reach the main road.

“Damsel, show me your little angelic face.” I stopped dreadfully in the middle of my run, there were voices coming from every corners of the woods  everywhere around me— I was encircled.

I felt to my knees and yelled like crazy, “Do you think that I will let you have me, you son of a bitch, I will fuck each one of you, just like I did with your bastard of friend.”

-What’s happening here, why is this patient yelling like that?

-Doctor, it’s been 1 month since this woman has been brought to us, she was found unconscious on the border of the road with blood all over her, later the police found a dead man completely disfigured.

-That girl disappeared for 18 months, when she regained consciousness at the hospital, she was yelling hysterically and was threatening to kill all of the personal, that’s why she was sent here. We guess that she has been through a painful trauma which left her with a complete distorted way of seeing things.

-What a sad story, I hope she recovers soon.

There in a corner of a room, a girl with a straitjacket, looking lifelessly outside a window, wishing to be freed, because she still remained in that soundless little room.



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