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The diary #micro fiction

The diary (micro fiction of 928 words)

On a fine sunny morning, in the attic of a forgotten and abandoned house, Denver—a girl of 18 years old, discovered an old diary with the initials M.M written on the front crimson page cover of the diary. Denver was a very curious girl and decided to read the diary against all odds. The abandoned house where she had broken into was renowned to be a haunted place and filled with ghosts—harsh baby cries were often heard by people passing by, but Denver was fearless and unacquainted by all these stories—for the thirst for adventures and curiosity was all she dreamed of. She decided to stay in the attic so as to read what she had just discovered, it was still morning and the sun was still shining brightly outside and bringing some lights in the dark corners of the attic.

Year 1865

My name is Mandy Moore, am 18 years old, and preparing myself for my wedding with a landlord which I know as Mr.Collwall, a man who’s 16 years older than me and that I have seen only twice in my life. The grand day is tomorrow. Though I will be busy in my new home, I will try to write as much as possible in my precious diary, the only friend that I have.

Year 1866

Dear diary, my dear friend that keeps all of my secret guarded, it’s been 1 year since I haven’t written my thoughts, 1 year since am married to Mr.Collwall—an appathetic and disgusting man with peaks of rudeness, a man who casts terror and fear inside of me. But there is also a former slave that works in the house that seems to alit a strange feeling in my heart, Mr.Collwall despise this man greatly, but he is so strong and so tender at the same time, that I can’t help myself from admiring him profoundly. Am hearing the footsteps of Mr.CollWall, he is coming to my bedroom……

Year 1866 (September)

6 months have elapsed since I last written here, yesterday me and Denby crossed the line, Mr.Collwall was out-of-town, and we let the love that we have for each other consumed our body, it was wonderful and unique, he was sweet, tender and loveable. Mr.Cornwall was violent and outrageous with me when he slept over in my bed, leaving me often with bruises and marks all over my body, I always thought that it was how it was between spouses, but Denby showed me what was real love. Mr.Collwall will be back tomorrow, and tonight Denby will come to me for one last night. May the almighty forgive me of all my sins, but I can’t stop loving him.

Year 1866 (December)

Am pregnant, it’s Zora that announced it to me, she serves as a slave to Mr.Collwall, but she also told me that from time to time Mr.Collwall visited her bedroom, and that never has she been pregnant for him. I didn’t announce my pregnancy to Mr.Collwall, for fear that he will kill me and Denby. I told Denby about it all, and he promised me that he will take us out of this bad situation, am so afraid and Denby is not to be seen since one month, am so afraid dear diary, for my life and for the life of my unborn baby.

Year 1867

Dear diary, 3 months now since Denby has disappeared, my belly is getting bigger as the baby that I carry is growing, am trying my best to keep Mr.Collwall away from visiting me in my bed, but he seems more and more excited about my refusals, Zora is helping me out by attracting him everyday in her bedroom, but he seems to lose patience with all the lies am trying to lure him in. Oh my god, protect me and my baby, and make that Denby returns safely to me.

Year 1867 (April)

It’s over diary, me and my baby are going to get killed by that monster, he has discovered everything, he killed Zora while she was trying to protect me. I have locked myself in my bedroom with Mr.Collwall trying to get in by all means, he is in such a fury, Denby abandoned us to die in the hands of my tormentor. It’s suddenly all quiet….

Year 1868

Dear diary, it’s been a long time since I haven’t written on these pages, perhaps it will be the last time that I will be writing here, there has been so many changes since that fatal night. That night, when everything went all quiet, I heard Denby behind the door of my room, he came back for me, on opening the door, I found Mr.Collwell covered all in blood, Denby killed him that night, we set fire in the whole house and ran away. 

Denby left me all this time so as to be able to amass money so that we could run away, he had planned everything, we settled in a new country with our baby girl whom we named Zora. Before setting fire, I have been able take some money and you my dear diary, so we were able to buy a little plot of land where we have built our little home.

Denby works hard while I take care of our little Zora, but we are as happy and in love as ever.

Denver finished reading the diary and put it again where she had found it. While she left the abandoned house, she saw the silhouettes of a woman and man holding hands behind the white rags of the window.



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