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WP Obsession

WP Obsession

Hello fellow bloggers, am writing this post because I have come to realize that I miss writing and reading your blogs, should I literally say that WordPress is my new obsession mindset? Well yes, at the latest news, am obsessed with the WordPress community, should you be scared of my preoccupation over WordPress? I guess no, because it means that I do love being around here and that as usual reading and commenting will be my favourite hobby to evade myself from a life that crosses the mere existence of isolation.

But what has brought me to that enchanting enlightenment about me being obsessed over WordPress? Well, here is a little list about my obsessing facts over WordPress:

  1. As I have said in my previous post, am having some trouble with my online accounts, and two days ago my laptop broke, I should have got into my usual raging typhoon mood, but nope, I was cool as ice, because the first thing that came to my mind was my blog, and my first thought was ‘social medias’. How come? will you tell me, well, if my laptop wasn’t broken I would have started writing again from my Dell next Tuesday and would have been around here and neglected all my other social medias account which are as important as the blog itself, the blog is the heart, while social medias are the limbs and arms. So in the coming days, prepare yourself for an avalanche of requests from me on your social medias.
  2. Though my laptop is broken, instead of watching movies and cry on my misfortune, I have decided to continue to carve my way here on WordPress.
  3. The tablet am writing from, drives me nuts and is really difficult and annoying to write from, but I have decided to take the risk and continue writing on my blog, now if it comes that you don’t see me anymore around, it will be because my tablet too would have let me down. Anyways I have mentally prepared myself for when I will have to face that situation.
  4. Since I have taken some rest from blogging, WP has been in my thoughts from dawn to dusk, even in my dreams.
  5. Also I have never hidden the greatest love of my life, which is, that has accompanied me since the beginning of my blogging quest, I have always cherished Pinterest more than my other social medias accounts, but lately because of that little imprudence from me, I have also lost all of my boards, I haven’t been on Pinterest at all while preferring being here on WP.

So as a matter of fact, there is nothing that can contradict that unfortunately  fortunately WordPress is my new obsession mindset. So beautiful peeps, see you all on Tuesday.

With much love




4 thoughts on “WP Obsession”

  1. Aw hope the technology problems get fixed soon. I love reading blogs and I’m going to try and read more bog posts , although I read quite a few already. This is along with my reading of fiction books and writing poetry and my blog! Seems impossible.

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