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I have not been very much on the web because I have got some really nasty troubles with my online technologies, it has been annoying me all the way through. But yesterday I thought that all of my accounts have been well set up, and I was ready to blog and socialize on all of my other platforms.

But to my great astonishment, the only account that I had at heart had disappeared, all my Pinterest boards have disappeared, not a single board appearing, gone, nada…nothing. I don’t know why the hell all of my everyday use apparatus seems to let me down, so for some days again, I will not be seen on the web, I will meditate on all this and try to sort all this right.

So as to mend my broken heart, I will be taking a break until I can sort all these things right, as if it was enough that I have lost my first Gmail account that I have created, now my Pinterest account. It’s difficult for me to accept changes and much more when these are things that I love very much.

So when I will be okay, I will do all the challenges and all the other things, I guess that all this is meant to be, so as to bring some cleaning in my life.

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