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A Love As Violent As The Wind

A Love As Violent As The Wind Same as the wind caresses the leaves of the branches Same as the wind seems to love the tree with intense violence Same as the wind dears to unroot the tree from the soil So is my love for you Fierce and powerful Same as the violent blowing… Continue reading A Love As Violent As The Wind


What you sow is what you reap

What you sow is what you reap (#ProsePoetry #poetry #poem) What you sow is what you reap And karma ain't a bitch What you sow is what you reap And your life is just a scratch. What goes around comes around I heard a million voices said With all the vices infused in my veins… Continue reading What you sow is what you reap

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My Poems-Proses-Lyrics


Deceited (#poetry) Lipstick on your cheeks Glitter on your lips Love fragrance on your clothes Bruises on my body And yet my heart belongs only to you. Christa Today’s one-word daily post prompt was cheat. (RyanMcguire on

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Elementary It's obvious my dear Watson That the case of the murdered son Is going to be one of these hectic cases That will leave us all insomniac Isn't that elementary dear Watson. Christa

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Blogger Recognition Award

    I want to thank Kristina koti for having nominated me for the blogger recognition award, it's with an immense pleasure that I heart fully accept this second challenge, if you have a little time, please do check out her blog here.  Here are the rules:  Write a post so as to show your award. Thank… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

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Farewell I walked down through memory lane With my blood pumping in my vein Abiding to see her face again But here I was left waiting in vain With my favorite miniature potrait of you. 《Christa》

My Poems-Proses-Lyrics


Fairy Tell me my little pretty Have you seen a minuscule fairy Flying up over the hilly And spreading her wings so heart fully While singing with a heart of merry Tell me little girl Have you seen the merry jolly fairy Flying joyously over the top of the hill. Christa According to a folktale… Continue reading Fairy

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Captivity #microfiction #fiction

Captivity (short fiction of 811 words) "Where are you my damsel? are you out there? it's getting cold and you're gonna die of coldness in this freezing night, show me your little angelic face, why are you afraid of me, have I not always show you all the love I felt for you, haven't I… Continue reading Captivity #microfiction #fiction

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Optical illusion #poetry #Haiku

Optical illusion Shining moon of the night sky Seeping through the dark hole Leaving traces of star dust Dancing in the bright light Christa  

My short stories

The diary #micro fiction

The diary (micro fiction of 928 words) On a fine sunny morning, in the attic of a forgotten and abandoned house, Denver—a girl of 18 years old, discovered an old diary with the initials M.M written on the front crimson page cover of the diary. Denver was a very curious girl and decided to read… Continue reading The diary #micro fiction