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Gaia (Mother Earth)

Gaia (Mother Earth)

Earth, home for humans and other various creatures, she who protects us from every external threats, yet we tend to break her heart deep from the bottom of her core. We humans forget that planet earth is the source of all our living resources, water flows from her source and quenching our thirst, providing us fishes in abundance and fertile soil to cultivate food and not die of hunger.

But we as her children are killing everything that she has created so as protect us, she who turns night into day and that turns daylight into night-time is crying drops of destructive water, she who allows us to breath, spits blood of lava, she who gives us gravity, shakes of so much terror.

Our planet is our only sanctuary, we should all respect her better, she soothes our soul, she quenches our thirst, she feeds us, she shelter us, and what have done for her? Nothing, we have only contributed at the destruction to our home.

We have too much been blinded by material things while all the examples to live a good life is out there in nature, Everything we need to live healthily and happily are gifted to us in the form of nature, we have forgotten to listen to the trees and the whispers of the wind, we have forgotten to walk bare feet on the soothing soil.

Now she is crying, but we as her children can’t hear her anymore deafened by the sound of our own vanity.




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