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I have lost . . .

I have lost . . .

My pc is damaged, I am not able to recuperate my Gmail account, I lost.

Am writing on a device that also has technical problems, I can’t write well on this tablet, it’s small, I don’t know anymore what to do.

It all started out yesterday, I wanted to learn a bit more about my device, I was seeing on my screen, devices that had changed their names and not the name of the router itself, so I wanted to change mine too, in this process I have entered places that I should have not been and  modified things that should not have been modified, and there it’s my punishement for too  much curiosity.

While I couldn’t enter anymore my password key anymore (for it is the password that I had modified, but it happened that it was not at all the key that had been changed, for all of my other devices would have been changed too), I decided to do a factory setting of my pc. And this morning I was all happy waking up to reinstall all the program erased, and there to my stupefaction and great anger, it was not accepting my wi-fi original password.

Now I guess that it will cost me a fortune to make my pc being repaired, and I would not be able to afford, it’s going to be some really tough days for me.






3 thoughts on “I have lost . . .”

  1. Ohh so sorry to hear that, I really feel your pain. I don’t even have a laptop nor continous access to internet so blogging is really a challenge for me but where there is a will there is a way Christa so take heart this challenging time will come to pass- Goodluck with everything 😀

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    1. Thank you very much Audrey, my husband is taking care of everything, I am able to use my laptop again, though it has not recovered at 100 percent. That’s for sure, where there is a will there is a way, tanks again.

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