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Parenting: Studying

Parenting: Studying

I have two sons, the older one is aged 7 and the younger one is 5 years old, they are on school holidays since one week and will be back at school at the end of this month. I have decided to help my older son upon catching up with his studies after having being disappointed in the results he has shown to me and my husband. I feel a bit guilty seeing all the difficulties that he is facing and I can’t keep thinking that if from the start I had been less carefree about his education, he would have been up to date at school.

So until the end of this month me and my husband have decided to help him as much as possible so that he might be able to advance in his learnings. That is why am not so often on the web these days, I have decided to stick with him and help him studying so that he can catch up on the third semester.

At the beginning, it was hard—because he was always crying as soon as we started the learning sessions, mainly because he wanted to go outside and play, but over the time he started getting acquainted and now he takes it normally. I have included a daily plan where there is a time for him to play and watch television and a time where he would be studying.

I don’t know if am being too rude with him, but all I want is that he might be able to catch up with his lessons so that in the future he doesn’t have too many troubles in his education.




4 thoughts on “Parenting: Studying”

  1. Kids learn boundaries and consequences from their parents, but they also feel love in many ways.Your son will look back on these moments when he’s older and realise how much you loved him, that you took the time to help him improve and that the work ethic he now has is thanks to your wonderful parenting.

    It can be hard in these moments, when kids are fighting back, to see the bigger picture but keep it in mind 🙂

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  2. no I don’t think you are being too rude, strict or rough, you are being a good parent. Your reaction is normal ’cause only bad parents close their eyes on bad school results so you are doing fine..Well-done for being a good parent and certainly a caring mom.

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