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I write because…

Everyday inspiration, day one: I write because …

I write because I want to portray my imaginary world by putting in words all the beautiful (for me) things that run through my head. An invented world where my reveries comes true, a world where love, hate and laughter are painted in colours of unexpected fictional turnover. When I write I want to show of what this brain is crafted of. That through my simple human appearance proliferates an amazing realm of wonderful, enigmatic and mystifying characters.

Creole poetry written when I was 16.

Writing came naturally to me at a young age, apart from collecting poems and stories I also wrote things of my own from time to time, nowadays I can’t keep thinking that if I had continued in that path, perhaps today I would have become a good writer and maybe I could have been involved in journalism or anything else that is near to the domain of writing.

Sometimes before going to sleep, my head will be overrun of evasive thoughts of fantasy worlds where I would be living or of love stories inhabited with non-existent beings. Before this post I have never talked about that to anybody else because I thought that it was a sign of dementia or that it was an experience not common among the mortals.

But on the internet and on other social medias I discovered that there were people who looked like me (daydreamers), people of my kind (metaphorically speaking), people who will not laugh at me for being different, people who were proud of their non-conformist personality, people who have tamed the unreal by developing and giving life to their characters by writing or achieving any other forms of art.

So here I am writing the things that somehow remained clustered inside of me for so many years and with the dream that perhaps one day I will be able to write a book and be finally recognized as a writer.


I recently signed up for a new blogging U course which has for main purpose of helping in finding everyday inspiration to write.


8 thoughts on “I write because…”

  1. Put your thoughts into words,
    Put your words on the screen,
    They can take off like birds,
    Where all can be seen,

    We just look in the sky,
    With your words flying by,
    It’s a story we see,
    That’s not coming from we.

    The story is yours,
    So just write it down,
    We all want to read,
    The fantasies you found.

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  2. GO GIRL, I so identify myself and no you aren’t the only daydreamer..So welcome to the club. I’m also doing this course on an irregular base so would love to see what you ‘ll be making up for us.Goodluck with everything 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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