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Poetry, Day Ten: Future


(Feeling especially saucy at the end of this journey? Finish the course on a high note by experimenting with the king of poetic forms, the sonnet)

Through the eye of a sphere
Beating all the odds
Letting the stars burn your atmosphere
Taking the universe in your hands
All this future atmospheric pressure
Sensibilising your senses for sure
Leaving you drifting in a spaceship
On a far away landing station
Dreaming away of an alienship
Taking us far beyond the mere motion
But painting your own world of palets
Wrecking the uniqueness of life itself
Is the real reflection of your innerself.


Today is the last day of the intro to poetry course, this form of poetry was really difficult.

Was happy learning about all these various forms of poetry writing.


4 thoughts on “Poetry, Day Ten: Future”

    1. @Idealize, thank you very much, yes, you really have eyes, I really did rushed on the last lines..lol, it was bed time for me, and didn’t knew how to finish, so went writing in a sleeping state.
      Thank you again, means a lot to me.

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