digital image of Antler in the woods
My short stories

The Antlers (Short Story)

The Antlers(429 words)

In my roofless Cadillac at 2 a.m. in the morning, driving fast on the fast lane and listening loudly to ‘Sexy eyes’ by Whigfield. My eyes filled with tears and my heart broken.

He said that it was over, he said that I didn’t interested him anymore, he said that my petals are all withered and that he won’t be watering it anymore.

Am crying and sad and heartbroken and loveless and perhaps very soon lifeless.

I loved him so much, I loved him more than my heart could sustain.

My joy, my love, my everything, my sweetest taste of sugar, my scouring scrubbing love.

Did it had to end so violently and leave me in such a great desperation?

This song is too merry for my broken in two heart.

I press the stop button.

Should I put something that will make me feel more depressed and sad?

Perhaps I should listen to a Mariah Carey song. I bought her latest album, and it has some really heartbroken songs.

As I was cogitating I unexpectedly saw a pair of antlers walking alongside the road and seeming as lonely as I am.

I slowed down my engine and decided to drive alongside the animal and see where it was going to.

Perhaps it was my unhappiness or perhaps the melancholic night that was troubling me, neither way I wanted to follow the animal.

Suddenly it stopped, it was dark and the only light provided was the moon beam.

I stopped too, it stood still for a second, and then unexpectedly it moved towards my car headlights.

Majestic and mystifying it was.

I stepped out of my Cadillac unafraid, I wasn’t crying anymore and I wasn’t thinking anymore of him, I just wanted to touch the animal, I just wanted to hold it close to my heart.

It looked at me in my eyes, I approached, it stepped back, I continued moving toward it, it bowed its head, its antlers encountering me, and I walked closer till the antlers faced my abdomen, It stood still, I stood still, I grabbed it’s antlers, it let me, I touched its furs, it let me, it was gentle and not hostile.

I have never seen a wild animal as serene as this animal. I was overwhelmed by a deep feeling of love and hope.

It was sent here so as to comfort my aching heart.

It want away, I climbed in my Cadillac, pressed play, sang along with ‘Whigfield’, no more tears, laughing, content and ready for a new love.


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