water sunny scenery
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Poetry Day Nine: Landscape


(There’s a particular force to poems written in the second person, addressed to a loved one, a place, or an object-it’s a  poetic device called apostrophe, and we encourage you to experiment with it in today’s poem)

Putting my favourite summer little dress
There am up in the lightning morning
Yearning to be bathed by the foam of your watery layer
And be caressed by the shadows of your sunlight rays
It’s gonna be wondrous, me and you and your bluish sky
Me and the shells gently layed at my feet by the dance of the waves
Walking barefeet on the grainy sand
Feeling the salty water embracing me gently
Oh how I long for these holidays that I was running wild beside you
My favourite summer scenery.


My grandmother lived near the sea, and everytime I was on holidays I was so excited to go to her place.


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