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Poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure


(Add some structure to your poem today by making use of anaphora or give epistrophe a shot)

Take off tonight the sassy dress from the dress locker
For you I’ll get undress under the burning
Oh the burning starry night light
All of our purpose days and the days before and before
For it’s our time and the time everlasting
Get it undone boy, get it kinky boy
Am yours, your mine, we belong to each other
Let’s love a lot, let’s love wildly
Let’s love madly,let’s just love
Until the moon light hides away and the sun takes over the world.


(If you’re feeling particularly adventurous give symploce a try)

Eating you bit by bit, munching this boneless meat, eating voraciously your ribs and taking so much pleasure eating a good filet mignon.

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