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The Cursed Mark

The Cursed Mark

I fell down on the ground, the back of my skull hit strongly something cold and damp, a huge sound echoed through my head, it was awful, I lost the battle.

Blood spilt all over, I could see my blood mixing with the muddy water and turning the vivid red colour into a dark brownish matter. I couldn’t move, I was paralysed by his powerful spell, he was certainly the strongest wizard that I have ever fought.

All of a sudden I felt a swift of motion upon me, his hands were already on my face, he was fast, and terror stroked me for the first time, me, Shura of Yelemite, the most valorous and powerful of all the army of Starbound fell under disgrace after so many years of fighting alongside the most atrocious army of the Starbound planet.

I screamed dreadfully as he intoned the words “baristiss shrura paxit”.

Suddenly I felt an unbearable pain fusing all over my face, it felt like all the nerves in my face were burning and as if small needles were paving their way under the skin of my face.

“I have put a seal of darkened moon on your face, you have done many wrong to so many people, you and your kind have cast terrors and nightmares all over this planet.”

“From now on this will be your curse mark, whenever you intend to commit a crime or hurt innocent people, that’s what will happen, the cursed mark tattooed on your face will grow like a branch on your face causing 10 times the pain that you are enduring now, causing you to suffer a terrible torment of eternal sufferings.”

“That’s how you will all pay for your former sins Starbound warrior.”

“You won’t make any more innocent victims along your way, killing and shedding blood for the only sake of vile and dreadful deeds.”

“The spell can’t be broken and you can’t die unless it’s me that kill you, you will have to repent for all the wrong that you and your kind have caused to all the people of Starbound.”

The pain was beyond endurance and I sank into a deep blankness.


Your tattoo appears in a slightly different place each morning was the writing prompt given on the blog creative Writing Prompt Hq and there goes the two in one combination from the daily post that had for theme the one word prompt nightmare.


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